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Open the way for you to the career of your dreams!
It is important in which country you get an education, it is important where you find your first job, because it depends on your future, your opportunities, your perspective. Are you ready to share dreams? We are ready to hear them and pick up a program that will be the first step on the path to your success!
An idea that embodied more than 5,000 dreams
CIP Study Abroad was founded in 2001 in Ukraine by Dr. Gautam Kolluri. Today, it is a successful educational company that offers education, language courses and vacation programs abroad, namely in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. The company is headquartered in Kyiv, with offices open in Lviv, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Kropynytsky and Lutsk. International SIR offices are located in Canada, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil and the Philippines. Every year, CIR embodies dreams and sends more than 300 students and students from all over Ukraine to study and rest abroad.
25 Years

We unlock the potential of future professionals
All our actions are aimed at maximizing the potential of each of our clients. We will analyze your intentions in detail, we will go all the way with you from finding a program to obtaining a diploma, we will help in solving not only educational, but also domestic and visa issues. You can trust us and be sure of comprehensive support at all stages of your path to your desired education!
Reach your heights with CIP
Come to us, choose the best educational institution and qualification, study and start your professional career! Our team guarantees an individual approach, consideration of all details and comprehensive support and all levels of training. All these efforts to ensure that our students receive exactly the knowledge and work that will allow them to express themselves to the maximum in any country in the world. Be sure that you work with the best! We are waiting for you!
Over the years, CIP has become our close friends.

Gautam Kolluri – Director and Founder of CIP Study Abroad, Immigration; Study in Canada CIP; LLC "Center for International Programs"; IRCC Licensed Immigration Consultant; Formerly: representative of the international department of higher education in Canada Mohawk College and Conestoga College.
Gautam Kolluri is a recognized leader in international education, recruitment and youth exchange. He visited 30 countries of the world for work purposes.
For the first time, Gautam Kolluri came to Ukraine in 1993 at the age of 19, not knowing a single word in either Ukrainian or Russian. He graduated from Vinnitsa State Medical University. M. Pirogov and received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.
He passed a difficult path in the 90s in post-Soviet Ukraine. As a student, Gautam Kolluri actively worked and assisted Ukrainian students in organizing education abroad and participating in international exchange programs abroad.
In 2001, Gautam Kolluri established the Center for International Programs (CIP Study Abroad), and his rich experience, aspirations, hard work helped in the development of CIP Study Abroad into a multidisciplinary company not only in Ukraine but also internationally.
The company started its activity from a small office in Vinnytsia and today has its own office in the center of Kyiv, in 5 regions of Ukraine, namely in the cities of Lviv, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Kropyvnytskyi, Lutsk and outside our country, in Canada, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Brazil, the Philippines, and in the future and other countries.
Gautam Kolluri is the organizer and one of the key personalities in the creation of the Ukrainian Association of Agencies for International Education and Exchange (AIEEA UKRAINE).
He has a long experience in recruiting international students from Eastern Europe and Asia in the international department of higher education institutions in Canada, namely Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario) and Conestoga College (Kitchener, Ontario).
Today, Gautam Kolluri is a Licensed Immigration Consultant (IRCC), successful director and founder of CIP Study Abroad.UA, Study in Canada CIP, a wonderful husband and father of 3 wonderful children, mentor and mentor for the CIP team, and for more than 5000,<> students whose dreams of studying abroad have become reality.
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