Privacy Policy
1. We provide admission guidance for Master's/Bachelor’s/PG Diploma/Diploma Degree Programs at foreign universities or colleges.
2. NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP commits to sending student applications to a minimum of 1-5 foreign universities based on student choice or agreement with NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP.
3. Our agency assists in VISA processing, accommodation, other travel arrangements, and facilitates Forex cash.
4. NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP guides applicants according to their educational background towards universities or colleges.
5. All official communication occurs through NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP's official email domain [email protected], and the agency disclaims responsibility for communications in other domains.
6. Customized requests must be communicated solely through NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP's official email.
- NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency does not assume responsibility for Visa Results.
- The agency is not accountable for part-time jobs in the destination country.
- NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency does not commit to assured jobs or work permits.
- The agency is not responsible for any entrance exams by the University after the student reaches the campus.
Country-Specific Information:
Considering the intricacy of profile processing and its specific requirements, NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency determines professional and consulting fees based on the chosen country. The processing fee varies from zero to 50,000 INR, with additional charges such as GST and processing fees, which must be paid alongside consulting charges.
Working Abroad:
All students must adhere to the immigration rules of their destination country regarding part-time work. NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency does not promise or assume any responsibility for recruitment or employment for students and will not be responsible for changes in immigration rules or rule violations.
Scholarship Availability:
Scholarship availability depends on funding with universities/colleges. Students must submit all relevant documents, duly legalized (if applicable), from the respective consulate within deadlines set by scholarship bodies. Academic scholarships are often based on the student's previous academic record, and NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency does not intervene in the scholarship process or bear responsibility for ineligibility or non-selection.
Refund Policy:
- The issuance of a Letter of Acceptance or I20 is contingent upon the decision of the college/university admission team. The application fee paid for admission purposes is non-refundable under any circumstance, and NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP bears no accountability for the same.
- Once a student signs up, no application processing fee is refundable in the event of withdrawal, abandonment of the application, or dropping out for any reason.
- If there are changes in immigration laws during the application process, leading to the student's ineligibility for a student or other visa, NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency is not responsible for the visa application fee.
- The student acknowledges that NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency does not handle cases involving fraudulent documentation or information. The agency assumes that all information provided by the student is true and correct and is not liable for any incorrect, misleading, fraudulent documentation, or information. This rule is applicable to visa procedures without limitations.
- NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency expressly disclaims any liability for anything done or omitted in reliance on the contents of answers, opinions, or other information provided by the agency, whether wholly or partially.
- In the unlikely event of the student's original documents not being sent back, lost in transit, or delayed by the immigration department, NEXUSCIP STUDY ABROAD LLP Agency is not liable. The agency will attempt to assist the student in recovering these documents but does not take responsibility for the same. The student assumes full responsibility.